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Tumble Tower

A “giant” of a game, Giant Tumble Tower is huge in America, as in many places, as a favorite outdoor game for families and groups of friends. With origins as an indoor game for children, the outdoor version makes any party, family gathering or social event a lot more exciting. Why?

Well, it’s simple, actually. Giant Tumble Tower is massively fun to play and once you try it, you’ll be hooked just like the millions who enjoy the game worldwide. The game simply involves removing and rearranging blocks of wood that are stacked in a tower. To start, you stack up the tower in a unique fashion anyone can learn in, say, 10 seconds.

But, that’s where the fun only begins! The test of Giant Tumble Tower skill is removing a block from the body of the tower very carefully, and placing it at the top of the tow, one block at a time. As you might imagine, this obviously takes some steadiness of hand and a bit of quiet nerves. Knock the tower down by putting a block in and upsetting the tower, and you lose. Two people can play, or twenty, alternating turns.

It’s not odd that Giant Tumble Tower is so simple in its rules and design, yet it is so wildly popular around the globe. Seen in every country, Giant Tumble Tower occupies people in parks in Asia, backyards in Europe, and now has become a favorite outdoor game in the United States.

No one starting at Giant Tumble Tower plays only one game…it’s very addicting. Use some caution against falling blocks, with children watched and all players remaining on their feet throughout. Since the tower only gets to a little over four feet tall, worries are far out-reached by fun.

Kids simply love Giant Tumble Tower, and it keeps family afternoons filled with laughs. Where to buy a set? From a company that uses ethically sourced woods to protect the environment, yet makes durable, solid blocks that last for years.

To get a quality set of Giant Tumble Tower, consult Jaques of London. The world’s oldest, most influential sports and games manufacturer, Jaques’ family-run business invented many family games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Tiddledy-Winks and Happy Families. In addition to making the popular outdoor Giant Tumble Tower, Jaques sells at least four other versions of the game, which can be enjoyed indoors (or on the patio!).
Each Jaques Giant Tumble Tower 8 x 2 x 1.5-inch block of sustainable-sourced New Zealand pine wood is individually hand-finished. The set comes in a handsome canvas carry bag, and makes a superb gift. Jaques, established in 1795, brought croquet and Ping Pong to the United Kingdom, and keeps making American families happy, as they’ve done for eight generations.

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