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Ring Toss

Simple, fun, children’s favorite: Ring Toss is easily described and just as easily played. Quoits is a favored outdoor game of families, especially kids. It literally takes seconds to set up and start playing, involves little equipment, is not in the least complicated, and is very fun to play. What’s not to love about such a game?

Quoits involves players tossing four rings of some kind from a distance – rope rings are very popular for lightweight, easy heft – onto vertical pegs. Points are won by ringing pegs with higher point values. Teams or two individuals can compete in this much-loved game.

Another reason kids love Ring Toss: it doesn’t involve a lot of thinking out of who won, it’s easy to see, with the points being notated on the base that holds up the pegs. Pegs with blunt tips mean children are unlikely to get hurt. Parents love to watch their children learn to add up the scores quickly, improving math skills.
Requiring a bit of agility and good eye-hand coordination, Ring Toss helps kids developing such abilities; hence, more appeal to families. Many adults become hooked on the game, also. Quoits has become a very popular game over centuries in the United States, with competitions held and the United States Quoits Association presiding over official events.
Quoits history is a bit disputed. Possibly originating in early Greece with a disc-like object tossed at a mostly buried pin, it became a peasants’ pastime. Some historians say it evolved from tossing horse shoes, others say it was tossed rings. Eventually, Quoits gravitated to England, from where it was brought to America, like many other great games. It’s a perfect choice for picnics or to use in any park or backyard.

Choosing a Ring Toss game for your family and friends is easy. Buy from an experienced games maker, like Jaques of London, for the best quality. Jaques’ wide selection includes simple Peg Quoits easily carried in a small bag, larger Family Backyard Ring Toss sets with an attractive five-upright base and game rules, and a luxurious wood-finished Nine Pin Ring Toss set that has golden numbers across the handsome light and dark wood base with its nine screw-in pegs.

Jaques of London has been making Ring Toss sets for around a hundred years. In World War II, the company secretly used the hollowed-out pegs of Jaques’ Deck Quoits to hide tiny working compasses for Allied prisoners of war. They used other games of their original creation, like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, to hide maps for escapees. This family-owned business has operated for over 200 years, producing England’s finest hand-crafted quality games and sports equipment with pride, and is still the premier maker of all things game and sport related.

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