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Chutes and Ladders

GIANT outdoor fun awaits you with Outdoor Chutes and Ladders. The great indoors game of “Snakes and Ladders” was invented by the world’s premier maker of games and sports equipment, Jaques of London. It came to America in a fun indoor version called “Chutes and Ladders,” that you can now play outside with friends and family.

It’s very exciting to have such a fun and entertaining board game available to carry around and play anywhere. And, with the original artwork of Jaques’19th century version, with stunning colors and intricate designs, kids go crazy for it, making it a perfect game for families, at picnics, holiday park get-togethers. Actually, it takes moments to set up in your backyard, so you needn’t go far to have laughs galore.

Outdoor Chutes and Ladders sets are easy to tote; each comes in a canvas carry bag. The early versions were used as a bit of a morality lesson, to show how doing good deeds allowed movement up a ladder, while silly or mischievous acts led down with the snakes or chutes. Like life, they demonstrated a bit of luck, mixed with free will.

Today’s Outdoor Chutes and Ladders is all about the fun part! It involves rolling dice, making moves following the numbers rolled, and taking moves up ladders or down snakes, if a piece ends up in the right (or wrong!) square. The winner is the first to get to the end. The outdoor element adds a great deal of fun. Kids can take a break and run about, but they’ll gravitate back to the Chutes and Ladders spot, rest assured. It keeps them nearby, so parents are more relaxed, too.

What makes the Jaques version your best choice for Outdoor Chutes and Ladders is the superior quality of the materials, including a weather-resistant, waterproof playing mat made of durable canvas; sturdy brass corner eyelets; 4 solid wooden playing discs nicely secured in a bag with a drawstring, so the kids don’t lose them; easy-use lawn stakes to hold the mat still if some wind kicks up; and, the great canvas carry bag with shoulder strap. The Jaques versions come in two sizes, either 35 ½ x 25 ½ inches (“Magnum”) or 55 x 55 inches (“Giant”).

Jaques of London, which invented Chutes and Ladders (and its predecessor), also invented Ludo, Ping Pong, Tiddledy Winks and Happy Families. They introduced croquet and Ping Pong into the United Kingdom, created the Staunton Chess Set, the world’s standard for chess pieces, and they continue to thrive as the world’s most respected and influential sports and games manufacturer in the world.

The Jaques 215-year history means that Outdoor Chutes and Ladders is just a fraction of the gaming fun available for your family and friends!

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