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Giant Score Four

Sublimely simple to play, Outdoor Magnum Score 4 is one addiction that is fun and healthy. This favorite of indoor games is a natural to take outside to any natural setting, where you’ll be entertained for hours. Seen the world over, Score 4 is one of the most-played tabletop games in history. Now that there’s an Outdoor Magnum Score 4 version, you’re going to be seeing it a lot more, so why not get your own set?

The game is hypnotic, and it’s impossible to play only one time, or even for a few minutes. This might actually be more true if you’re losing, as it pulls you in, to try to win the next game. Outdoor Magnum Score 4 uses the same simple system of play as its smaller cousin, “Giant Score Four” – another product of the famous games maker, Jaques of London, which has been thrilling games and sports players for 215 years.

Here’s how Outdoor Magnum Score 4 is played. Two players alternate dropping light and dark wooden discs into a wooden frame, with the winner being the first to align four discs either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Sounds easy…and, it really is. Yet, after you play it for a while, you realize that there are several winning strategies that can be used to up your chances to “score four” and be the champion.

Young and old players alike absolutely get hooked on Outdoor Magnum Score 4, the take-outside version of the game usually seen in family rooms, bars and restaurants. Jaques has once again made indoor fun an even more engaging activity, by creating this huge version with stunning quality. It’s the perfect addition to any picnic, gathering of family or friends, or even workplace outdoor events.

Don’t buy a cheap version, as it will quickly disintegrate from constant use. What distinguishes Jaques Outdoor Magnum Score 4 from lesser-quality games is their top-notch construction, including solid brass fittings; use of only the best materials - in this case, beautifully seasoned timber; and, typical of Jaques’ attention to details, the inclusion of full game rules. The look and feel of this game speaks for itself.

Jaques of London makes numerous outdoor games. The company started making them in 1795, producing croquet sets that took England by storm after being introduced at the World Exhibition, and winning John Jaques II a Gold Medal. The game wowed the world, and it continues to grow in popularity. Jaques continues to produce the best croquet sets and accessories in the world, as they do equipment for cricket, baseball, tennis, football, rugby, volleyball and many other sports.

With Jaques now making many of their globally popular table games large variations for outdoor use, Outdoor Magnum Score 4 has good company. The company makes outdoor versions of chess, dominoes, Chutes and Ladders, skittles and quoits. Have some HUGE fun by playing Outdoor Magnum Score - and, try some other big games!

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