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Outdoor Games

Attention, Families and Friends - Outdoor games are back in! Well, they’ve never been out of style, but they are more popular than ever now. As costs of cinemas, theaters, and sports arenas skyrocket (along with parking and gas), having your own outdoor games can be an incredible money saver. But, that’s only a secondary reason to get a few great lawn and patio games.

Quality family time
The real reason is that outdoor games offer great family entertainment, and they provide quality family “together time,” any time. In today’s fast-paced world many youths face troubling social issues, such as drugs, gangs and bullying. Why not give kids more reasons to stay at home, and invite their friends over? Build competitive spirit in a fun, healthy setting with games that challenge everyone, but in a supportive home environment.
Younger kids love all games, especially ones with lots of parts, some color and movement. They particularly enjoy many of the games made by Jaques of London, including Croquet, Badminton, Cricket and Quoits. Or, they might prefer Outdoor Dominoes, Tumble Tower, Giant Score Four, Quoits, Family Garden Tic Tac Toe and Giant Pick Up Sticks. Skittles, a type of bowling game, has many variations of “pins” that the kids will love.
Jaques has been inventing and producing games for children and adults since 1795. The oldest game company in the world, and still family-run, they invented Ping Pong, Tiddley Winks, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and other games. They only use quality materials, so you know that your outdoor games will last, as will their many indoor games. Almost all games have family sets, in addition to adult sets.

Teen time
Teens appreciate games with a bit more challenge or opportunity to team with friends, creating competitive times that don’t necessarily carry the pressures of school team sports. Croquet, volleyball, badminton, tennis, golf and bat and ball are well-liked outdoor games for teenagers that offer excellent opportunities for building confidence, teamwork, healthy social skills and a bit of fitness.
If the teens like strategy, they might enjoy Boules, a game involving rolling heavy balls towards a smaller target ball, or Skattles, a new throwing game by Jaques, a bit like Quoits. More intellectual kids who prefer outdoor games for teenagers that are less physical but mentally challenging, can get an outdoor chess set, or they might get into Home 3D Score Four, a great game with rack and balls that needs some strategy to win.

Friends gathering
Inviting friends over for an afternoon of outdoor gaming fun is a great way to have fun. Or, for an evening of grilling out, it’s always nice to have some amusing games available. Croquet is very still popular these days, as is cricket.
Such outdoor games go back to early American days, yet still draw millions of fans, for good reasons. They provide great fun for friends and family and provide hours of low-cost, high-value entertainment that you can enjoy for years.

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