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Crockinole Boards

  • Looking For Christmas Gift Ideas?

    December 3, 2013 from jaques

    Choosing the right gift for the special one in your life is sometimes diffacult! Especially at Christmas time! Why not let Jaques Of London help? With an online games gift store to rival any other, why not give it try! You can only go one way from here!
    Jaques Of London, the English Games makers since 1795, have [...]

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  • Thought Of Crokinole Game this Christmas?

    November 22, 2013 from jaques

    Crokinole Boards are usually made from wood, and the Jaques of London craftesmen use the finest quality mahogany to achieve the very high standard expected.
    Crokinole is a board game that is very popular in North America, also known as Pichenotte and very similar with shuffleboard and curling. A fantastic game for the whole family to enjoy-particularly at Christmas time!
    The Crokinole [...]

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