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Ping Pong Table For Christmas? Buy The Foldamatic Outdoor Model!

Posted on December 18, 2013 by jaques There have been 0 comments

Enjoy playing with the family on the Foldamatic Outdoor Table, its probably the most popular outdoor Ping Pong Table in the Jaques Of London range as well as being highly versatile, solid and a joy to use! So why not treat the family to one of these this Christmas?

The Foldamatic Outdoor Table, now has a new and refreshing  eyecatching design.The table has the latest technology, constructed wih a new, faster playing  surface. A superior design featre of this table is that it allows either of the two halves to be lowered from the storage position, into the single player position, then, can be smoothly folded back again and be easliy wheeled to store.

This very popular Ping Pong Table is fitted  with a special post and net set and is completed with four Paddles, and Ping Pong Balls.

See this family favourite online at

Buy this stunning Ping Pong Table direct from the English company who actually invented this game!

Manufacturing For Generations.

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