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Affordable Backgammon Games For Christmas!

Posted on December 12, 2013 by jaques There have been 0 comments

The beautifully made Card and Linen Family Games range, brings the luxury of Jaques Of London, English games makers, into the home, making card and linen Backgammon an affordable Christmas gift!

This Backgammon set is played on a 12" Card and Linen folding board, beautifully marked out, ready to play this wonderful game. A head turning Backgammon Set, is finished with a set of beautifully made light and dark coloured wooden pieces kept in a linen bag with a full set of backgammon dice, a dice shaker and a set of rules.

The 12" Card and Linen Backgammon set is one of many popular and luxurious games played on stunning card and linen folding boards, fromJaques Of London, since 1795! Other games in this Card and Linen range are LudoChutes and Ladders, both invented by this old family firm! As well as Chess, Checkers and of course Backgammon!

See the complete range of affordable folding board games at

Play your Family Games on Card and Linen this Christmas!


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