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Looking For Christmas Gift Ideas?

Posted on December 3, 2013 by jaques There have been 0 comments

Choosing the right gift for the special one in your life is sometimes diffacult! Especially at Christmas time! Why not let Jaques Of London help? With an online games gift store to rival any other, why not give it try! You can only go one way from here!

Jaques Of London, the English Games makers since 1795, have some unique gifts for you to consider, this Christmas! Have you considered 3D games, like the  Score Four - 3D Four in a Row ? Don't you just love the Wow! factor with these beautifully made wooden games? Likewise with the  2D version with a wooden tray to catch the two colored wooden pieces. The individual wooden brain teaser Puzzles will have them all tied up in knots, trying to work out how to complete them-nine in all to choose from! In fact the gift ideas are endless, from individual games to family favourites, all beautifully made by Jaques Of London craftesmen.


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