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Luxury Chess at Christmas!

Posted on November 21, 2013 by jaques There have been 0 comments

Jaques Of London, the oldest games makers in the world as well as inventing the 'Staunton' design of chess pieces, have a superb range of Chess sets on offer the Christmas, including some stunning top of the range models made from different timbers!

Made from Ebony and Boxwood, with a 4.4" king, the most luxurious chess sets from Jaques Of London are housed in a truely luxurious casket made from Leather, or Mahogany.Each casket holds the full set of 18 Staunton chess men all lying in individually made places for each piece, plus a second Queen piece on each side!

Just sheer a joy to play with!

If you looking for a chess set, this Christmas for someone really special, then stop looking! because this set has been found !

To see this glorious Chess Set for yourself, visit the online chess store

Just ike your loved one, Simply gorgeous in every way!

Manufacturing For Generations.

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