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Shove HalfPenny Board

You’re going to love playing Shove Hapenny. I’ll bet a million pennies on it. This is easy to do, because everyone gets a kick out of this indoor game (also called Shove Halfpenny). It’s played across the world, either by two people or teams, so you know it’s loved and popular. Adored by families, since both kids and adults can excel at it, you need some strategy to win.
Centuries old, the game was played by King Henry the VIII of England; records show his payouts to competitors. You’ll probably play Shove Hapenny just for the fun. The game involves sliding five coins, one at a time, up a board with horizontal lines across it. Points are gained by “bedding” coins between lines. Strategy includes knocking other coins into better point positions.
You’ll get more thrills by using an exquisitely constructed Master Shove Halfpenny board made by Jaques of London, games maker to the world since 1795. Made of lush, real mahogany wood, with inlaid bed lines, the board has light side scoring sections. Shove Hapenny sets includes five genuine old English halfpennies; Jaques sells Spare Sets of Halfpennies, too. All you need to add is the pleasure, and that will be easy to do.

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