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Score 4

You don’t have Score Four in your game collection? We have to talk. Indoor games don’t get any more fun than this. Simple to play, it involves dropping discs into slots in a frame. The person who gets four in a row – vertically, horizontally or diagonally – is the winner. This game is just “silly fun” for everyone. Usually played by two people, it’s played everywhere.
Seriously, you’ll find Score Four being played at any home, pub, bar, library, or café in any country, worldwide. It is one of the most-played indoor games in existence, and for good reason. Simple as Score Four is, after playing (especially after losing), one immediately wants to play again. This can go on for hours, making any indoor party or gathering fun, especially if you have several sets.
Families love playing Score Four, because children can play easily together or against adults. Making quality games for centuries, Jaques of London knows families that play together stay together. Their several Score Four versions for include the lush Master Score Four version with its brass fittings and wooden discs, and the richly appointed Deluxe Black Walnut version with lovely anodized aluminum playing discs. (There’s also a 3D version!) Play Score Four, and you’ll score more fun!

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