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Crokinole Board

Said to originate in Canada, the game of Crokinole has been played now for over 130 years since its invention by Eckhardt Wettlaufer, although in recent years others have claimed the invention rights. That said the name of the game is French in origin which would strengthen the case for the game being from Canada. Games are played using Boards which are usually made from wood, and here at Jaques we use the finest quality mahogany to achieve this.

Crokinole is a board game that is very popular in North America. The game is not new in the country. It has been there since 1800’s. It is also called Pichenotte and very similar with shuffleboard and curling. Families enjoy playing the game during gatherings or as a simple pastime. In 2003, more than 70,000 boards were sold in Canada alone. If you still have not played the game, it is time to orient yourself about the craze.
The crokinole board is round or octagonal and It is typically made of polished wood. The board has holes that serve as the goal. The three areas are designated with 5, 10 or 15 points and a center hole called as the shallow hole corresponds to twenty points. There is also has “pin circle” which are eight posts situated in the 15-point scoring line. Because the discs often bump to them, they add more fun and excitement to the game. The board is surrounded by a rim or rail that prevents the discs from falling. Crokinole game comes in either the 50-point or 100-point set. Players take turns in shooting the discs across the playing surface. The goal is to shoot the round discs across the board surface into the ring areas. The winning player must have the highest scoring position and should try to eliminate the opponent discs from the playing surface. The use of powder to allow the pieces to slide smoothly on the surface is still controversial. But if the players agree to use it, the powder must be of high quality.

The game is commonly played by two or four players in teams of two. The players face each other across the board. With only two players, each will have twelve discs. If there are four, each has six discs. The player’s chair should be at the rear end and both of his feet should be on the floor while shooting. He then attempts to shoot his disc in the “twenty hole”. If he misses the shot, the next player attempts to hit the first player’s disc into the ditch of the board. If the player misses, his shooting disc is removed. The game progresses until all the discs have been shot. When the shooting is done, the scoring commences and the points awarded depend on the zone on which the disc rests.
Because of the continued popularity of the board game, more families are getting hooked to it. They are very popular both as indoor and outdoor activities. Children and adults alike enjoy the excitement brought by the game. Although considered to be an ancient form of entertainment, Crokinole remains to be a favorite pastime in North America. If you still do not have it, check out the different online shops and order yours now. The item comes in a complete package including the instructions for playing and the rules. With its affordable price, you may even consider giving it as a gift to your friends.

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