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Cribbage Board

Join the cribbage Board craze! You’ll not be bored with a cribbage board - the game will entertain you endlessly. Sometimes called crib, cribbage has hooked fans for over four centuries. Loved by families, it is one of the world’s favorite indoor games for many reasons.
Being a card game, card players love cribbage Board. A small board holds scoring pegs, so the game gets more interesting. A cribbage board, even a cabinet version that holds supplies, is very portable. So, cribbage is easy to carry and play anywhere. Keep sets at work for a break, in the car and at home.
Cribbage games have two scoring stages (“play” and “show”). Points are won through card pulls, reaching the agreed-upon total. Adults and teens get into cribbage. Usually played by two to three players, up to six can play. The sturdiest, quality-made cribbage boards, sets with cards, and handsome oak Cabinet Cribbage sets (including rules and colored pegs) come from Jaques of London. Maker of games for 215 years, Jaques is the foremost games maker globally.
Americans especially love cribbage, as it is the “official” game of US Navy submariners. The fleet’s oldest sub holds RADM Dick O'Kane's personal cribbage board set, and it’s passed on to the next oldest vessel upon decommissioning.

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