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Board Games

Need some great board games for family entertainment? Jaques of London has the broadest selection of games of all kinds, and they know how to make good ones. They’ve invented and produced the world’s most popular games and sports equipment since 1795, so they know how to keep kids and adults amused forever. Let’s review their stunning collection.
Snakes and Ladders, a Jaques invention, and its US cousin, Chutes and Ladders, are wildly fun board games. Children especially love their wondrously colored designs. You can buy sturdy handmade card versions or durable mahogany wood styles. This applies to Ludo, another Jaques creation, and Parcheesi, worldwide favorites. Traditional chess, checkers and backgammon come in many sets – lighter card ones or stunning inlaid wood versions, all made to last.
Other wooden board games include Luxury or Master Mancala; cribbage boards with cards and splendid Cabinet Cribbage; never-boring Chinese Checkers, for up to six players; lovely Beech wood 4Ft Shuffleboard, great party fun; a sharp combination checkers and chess set with felt-lined box and inlaid 15” chessboard top; the luxurious 9” Black Walnut Wooden Solitaire Board with laser crystal glass marbles; and, there are several outdoor versions of many of these games. Whew! For only a portion of Jaques many popular board games, that’s a lot of choices!

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