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Guide to Garden Games

Garden Games in England

Garden Games can be played played by Children and adults. Read our Guide to Garden Games

Of all of Jaques Finest Quality outdoor, backyard and giant garden games Croquet is probably the most famous. The game of Croquet was introduced by John Jaques the second (Jaques of London) at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and is still the most well known today.
However, because of the huge success of garden games Jaques have developed many other very popular  over the last 150 years. Some, such as Jaques Badminton - including Jaques  badminton sets and Rounders.

Handmade garden games in the UK

The Ultimate Guide to Jaques wonderfully Outdoor Garden Games.

Jaques Skittles have also become very popluar with some of Jaques early skittles design now being played in leagues all around the country. Jaques Garden Skittles are also very popular. The Fireman, Sailor, Royal Guards and Policeman skittles are now very much a household item in many English homes and indeed homes all around the world. Jaques English garden Skittles are now very succesful.