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Games Tables Buying Guide

Buying guide to Football tables

If your aim is to have a Football table that will provide a means to develop the essential skills to become an effective babyfoot player, a higher quality table is in order. These middle of the road foosball tables will provide a consistent playing surface. Combined with high quality foosballs, a consistent playing surface will allow players to stop, pin, and maneuver the ball with the foosball men. This “feel” is what makes foosball a truly competitive skills-based game.

If you know your players want to learn to play foosball the way it was intended to be played, this is the way to go. Intermediate foosball tables are appropriate for beginner players as well, especially if they intend to develop their skills.

Jaques games tables are superb for entertaining the family and football tables .

Since the game of table football was first played in france in the middles of the 1940’s the game has really grown in popularity. The tables have now got the point were they are the must have accessories  to have in your games room or even if your beautiful Londeon Chic Apartment.

There are currently over two hundered different styles of football tables available in the UK. Accross this huge range there is naturally  a huge variation in quality.

At Jaques we have produced a brief Buying guide to Buying Tables.
Original Table Football Tables

This is our most popular table with children as the height is slightly lower meaning it is easier to play. However adults can also play on this  table as it is designed to accommodate grown-ups.
These Original football tables are often cheaper than the larger size and offer the similar specifications yet you only loose a little playing space. This size is ideal for children’s bedrooms.
The Traditional Table Football

This size is ideal for adults and older teenage children due to the height and size of the table. This size of this football table makes it very durable and sturdy and this traditional football table can withstand moderate to frequent use.