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Croquet Equipment and Accessories

Choosing quality croquet accessories and the proper croquet equipment is a snap when using a professional manufacturer who provides a good selection. You might need a new single croquet ball or a set of them. Possibly, you want to expand your more simple croquet set to include accessories to bring more friends into the game. Maybe, some croquet equipment has become damaged during the winter months, you want to get better equipment, or obtain books to learn more about the game’s rules.

Various croquet accessories can help you, easily. If your croquet set only has the “first colors” of croquet balls (black, blue, red and yellow), you can buy a set of “second colors” (green, pink, brown and white) to double the number of players. Buying a quality set of balls in their own specially designed green canvas carrying case adds a bit of panache to your set, and therefor, you. You’ll want to buy an 8-color winning peg, of course, with colors denoting the order of the additional players.
Buying balls from a known maker of durable croquet accessories, such as Jaques of London, lowers the odds of needing replacement accessories for damage. Solid hardwood balls can last for a lifetime, and they are often handed down, with whole croquet sets, for years. However, time can take its toll on equipment if players who love the game are at it constantly. With many millions of croquet enthusiasts worldwide and numbers growing, more people will eventually need additional accessories.
Children love croquet for its precision, challenge and ease of learning, but they might leave equipment out exposed to rain, or be a bit careless with it. Keeping a spare set of croquet balls in a dry place (where most croquet equipment and accessories are best stored) is a snap solution to keeping a fun game going. Get kids and adults up to speed by buying informative books like “Croquet: How to Play - The Basic Laws”, Anton Gill’s popular “Croquet: the Complete Guide” or the famous John Jaques guide, “Croquet: The Laws and Regulations,” with rules still followed in the United States and worldwide.
A good wicket smasher mallet to knock wickets into the ground avoids using and damaging your mallet, so that’s a must-have item. You’ll have an easier game using croquet yard line pegs to mark off the croquet court (or “pitch”). Getting more serious about the game or into competitive croquet? Include championship croquet flags to mark the court’s corners. Use brightly colored metal ball markers to note the location of players’ balls as play moves about the pitch. A solid iron croquet wicket drill is used to make holes in the ground, into which wickets are simply dropped. Various wickets are available, from lighter challenge models to Association models.

To get the widest and best quality goods, look to Jaques of London, the original maker of quality handmade English croquet equipment and croquet accessories, Jaques has been producing superior croquet products since John Jaques II introduced the game to England and the world in 1851 at The Great Exhibition in London. In addition, Jaques produces numerous other well-known outdoor and indoor games, many of their own invention.

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