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Chess set -3.5" Staunton with Mahogany box

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A Jaques London Chess set was used in the famous 1972 World Championship between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, dubbed the Match of the Century.
The “Game of Kings” was made affordable for the everyman with Jaques production of the Staunton Chess set.
A 1/12th replica of a Jaques Staunton chess set was created personally by John Jaques IV for Queen Mary, and is still on display in the Queen Mary’s Dollhouse at Windsor Castle.
The Staunton Chess set gets its name from Howard Staunton, considered to be the best player of his time, who frequently railed against non-standard chess pieces in his column for the Illustrated London News.
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Chess set -3.5" Staunton with Mahogany box

Product Code: 50060

Limited to just 500 sets, this stunning 3.5 inch Staunton Chess Set of Ebony and boxwood, with King base of 1 23/32". The white king weighs 2 oz. The black ebony king weighs 3 oz. The Kings Rook and Knight are stamped with the crown and the Kings base is stamped with Jaques London. Presented in a mahogany box, this is a truly unique collector's item and is your chance to own a part of chess history.

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Jaques Chess Set

Jaques of London has been instrumental in the development and success of the game of chess. Chess pieces before the mid 19th century was of two kinds - excessively elaborate and costly hand-carved reproductions of the Kings court, or rudely turned and daubed pieces in which rank was dictated by height alone. In the 1840s, Nathaniel Cooke, proprietor of the 'Illustrated London News', showed John Jaques II a new and elegant design for chessmen. This initial design was to produce a set using symbols (for the king, a crown, for the bishop, a mitre), which could be easily recognized and reproduced. This radical design received rave reviews in the press, in particular, for the exquisite design of the Knight, based on sculptures from the famous Elgin Marbles. Mr. Howard Staunton, the first British Chess World Champion, was so taken with the design that he agreed to have his name and signature adorn every box of 'Staunton' set, placed in the center of the opened lid. 'The Staunton Chess Set', as it became known, (and still is today) is now the de facto standard for play at all levels. Few companies have influenced the development of a game the way Jaques of London has shaped one of the world's favorite board games. As world renowned purveyor of some of the finest handmade chess sets available today, Jaques Of London is extremely proud to present this beautiful limited edition set for your playing pleasure! Fantastic to hold in the hand, these chessmen are handmade from Boxwood and jet black Ebony, made in the original Staunton design, are presented in a stunning Mahogany Box with a lock and key, this set really is the perfect choice or gift for serious players and those with an eye for the finer things in life! The King base is 1 23/32”. This fantastic heirloom-quality set is made with the attention to detail that Jaques Of London craftsmen are known for throughout the world. They are also responsible for the magnificent 18" Inlaid Chess Board, that you may purchase, which this set is made for! The "Staunton' label is also signed by the company directors, who are the direct descendents of the creator of the Staunton Chess Set, John Jaques II.

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