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Inventing the Chess Set

Chess set and history book. Picture of staunton chess set

This Beautifully written account of the Jaques staunton Chess sets birth Has been written exclusively for the Site by Alan Dewey : the world renowned Chess set restorer

Followed from previous article.

Chess Sets - the Conclusion

It’s time now to conclude, and return to the Grand Cigar Divan where we left John Jaques, Howard Staunton and Nathaniel Cooke. Their evening has wound down as well, and perhaps a chess set design has been decided upon. Exactly how their ideas, experience, skills, and goals meshed together is largely unknown and remains an active topic of research.   We hope that this essay has adequately sketched out what is known, what is debated, and what is purely speculative.

What also is important to recognize is that the Staunton style chess set design first brought to production by Jaques of London in 1849 has long been adopted all over the world. For over 160 years it has been the standard chess set used in tournaments and clubs. Indeed, for many of us, Staunton style chess sets are what we see in our mind’s eye when we think of chess sets: they are what we grew up with.