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Setting up the ChessBoard

How to Set up the Chess Board for a game of Chess

Opening positions of the Chess Game with the Chess Board.

At the start of a game, the men are arranged as shown in the diagram.  Note each player has a white square on his right corner and the Queen occupies the square of her own colour.  The player with the white men moves first and thereafter moves are made alternately one at a time.  The men move to unoccupied squares except when making a capture.  Then they take the square previously held by the captured man.  The Knight is the only man having the power to move over an occupied square.  There are two exceptions, taking a Pawn “en passant” and Castling.  The capture of an opponent’s man is effected by removing the man from the board and replacing it with the capturing man.  All captures are optional, except when necessary to avoid “Checkmate”.  A Checkmate occurs when the King, being in “Check”, (being attacked by an opponent’s piece or Pawn), cannot be relieved from that condition.