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Start Playing Chess

Below is a simple and easy to follow guide so you can start playing chess today.

Jaques offer a range of Staunton Chess sets, all of which are based closely on the original Staunton designs developed in conjunction with Jaques over 150 years ago. Staunton Sets have always been popular for prizes or presentation for long service, made from Boxwood set together in an inscribed presentation case.

Jaques also offer a range of Chess board box sets giving you everything you need to start playing Chess straight away. The range also features a version that also includes a set of draughts giving you instant access to another classic game of tactics.

Chess boards - Another Jaques specialty are our superb craftsmen built Chess boards made with genuine walnut and sycamore squares to the highest quality, fully complementing the Jaques original Staunton Chessmen they carry.

The beauty of Chess is that it can be played virtually anywhere and over any length of time. In recent years in particular it is not unusual for games to take place where opponents are situated in different countries around the world, communicating each move via telephone, post or email. The most conventional games, however, take place between two people sitting facing each other either side of a table with the Chess board between them.