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Chess Guide

Jaques Vintage Guide to Chess book. Jaques have been writing chess guide since 1849

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When The Pieces Made By Jaques London are introduced there is no turning back  the Sets are simply the finest, most collected, most valuable and above all finest quality in the world. Jaques is The Staunton set and you will feel compelled to play

Chess, the quintessential two-player game of strategy and tactics, has been a favorite since ancient times with kings, emperors and statesmen and has widely been considered throughout history as the ultimate game of intellect and skill. Chess really has been the most powerful game in history. and Jaques of London are proud to have helped bring chess into the 20th century.

Today it is often played with Jaques Staunton sets, is one of the world's most popular games played by an estimated 605 million people worldwide both informally and formally at home and in clubs. games can be played online and in both amateur chess and professional Staunton chess tournaments.

Most current-day newspapers and many magazines (including chess magazines that often feature Jaques Sets) around the world carry a regular Chess column and the world championships are front-page news. Jaques staunton Chess set are most often used for these events.

The world of  play has been transformed with the invention of the Jaques Staunton Sets. Click on the links to find out more about the history fascinating game and how Jaques taught the world to play Chess.