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Chess Accessories

One of the most key chess accessories for any serious chess player is a chess clock. It is an essential possession for club or competition players, and can be used for practice with a friend until using the one at a chess club or competition. There are other items that might be considered chess accessories by some, though they are really key chess components, but let’s look at the clock first.

Chess clock description
Using a chess clock can hone the moves of any player, as it puts a bit of intensity into the game and makes it more of a personal or competitive test. Chess tournaments typically use chess clocks to make time-controlled moves, or to time the game itself. In the latter case, each player has an allotted amount of time; should a player’s time run out before the game has been completed, that player loses (unless their opponent has enough pieces or chessmen left to still allow them to deliver a “checkmate”).
Time-controlled chess games vary from about 30 to 60 minutes, but can last up to seven hours. Rules, including timing and use of clocks, are determined by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). The longest tournament game, played when FIDE had briefly modified its 50-moves-per game to 100, was played in Belgrade in 1989, lasted over 20 hours and ended in a draw. The shortest tournament game determined by board position (as opposed to a draw or forfeit), played in Bela Crkva in 1984, lasted only three chess moves…and, a matter of minutes.

Chess accessories options
Chess, the most popular board game in the world, is played everywhere, by people of all ages. It’s fun, intellectually demanding, requires planning and forethought - and has millions fans. If you prefer to play indoors, you’ll surely want to buy your own chess set or maybe several chess sets for different rooms. Chess sets come in an astounding variety of styles, with quality wood ones favored by most players.
Some players would prefer to take a chess board outside to play, and might consider their portable chess board an accessory. Actually, a chess board is not really an accessory, per se, as it’s basic to the game, as are the chess pieces. But, you might consider an outdoor chess and checkers set one of your favorite chess “accessories.” It can be used when friends call to say they’re at the park, or to toss into your bag when heading to the beach. For even more fun, get a giant-sized version.

Consult a professional
To get your own chess clock (or, portable outdoor chess set with waterproof canvas mat, lawn stakes and carry bag), consult an established, quality manufacturer like Jaques of London. Their mahogany wood-framed Jaques Deluxe Chess Clock, crafted like all of their goods by London craftsmen, is as handsome as it is accurate. It will also make be high on the list of cool chess accessories you can give as a gift.
For over 200 years, Jaques has created or introduced the world to numerous games, including Croquet, Ping Pong, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders – and they are the top purveyor of superior chess accessories, chess sets and chess boards in the world. Their selection of table games, indoor games, outdoor games and gift selections is unsurpassed.

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